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Astra (Room Scheduling)

Astra is Cabrillo's authoritative source of room and scheduling information.

AV Event Setup


Cabrillo Password Reset

The Cabrillo Password Reset application enables users to reset their Cabrillo account password, and/or unlock their account in the event that it has entered a locked state.

Cabrillo Student Computing Account

Computer accounts for enrolled students.

Classroom Technical Support

Support for classroom technology. Does not include support for classrooms with student computers.

Colleague Account Request/Modification

Request a new Colleague user account or a modification to an existing user's Colleague access.

Computer Lab Technical Support

Support for classroom technology and student computers in computer labs. Includes kiosk and self service computers.

Computer Technology Center

Open computer labs on Aptos and Watsonville campuses

COVID-19 Equipment Checkout/Loan

COVID-19 Equipment Checkout/Loan

COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 Support Request


Desktop Support, Standard

Desktop support for District-owned staff and faculty office computers.

Division Office & Departmental Printing

Support requests for the Division Office & Departmental Printing services


Ellucian Colleague

Ellucian's Colleague software is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application that Cabrillo uses to manage its daily shared business activities across all areas of the college.

Etrieve Content & Etrieve Central

Etrieve Content digitally stores documents for students and employees. Etrieve Central (Forms and Flow) provides forms to be filled out online that can then be automatically routed to various people and/or groups.


File Server Access Request

Used for requesting File Server Access.

File Server Quota Limits, Account

For requests relating to account file server quota limits.

File Sharing

Support requests for the File Sharing services.


G Suite / Google Apps for Education

Support requests for the Cabrillo G Suite for Education (Google Apps) solution.


Support requests for Gmail.

Google Groups (Mailing Lists)

Support requests for the Cabrillo G Suite for Education (Google Apps) - Google Groups application. (Replacing "Mailing Lists" from the previous CommuniGate email solution.)


How to Stay Secure

Support requests for Staying Secure.


IT Policies - General

Support requests for IT Policies - General.

IT Policies - Security

Support requests for IT Policies - Security.

IT Project Request

Use this form for submitting a new IT project.


Lab Printing

Printing in computer lab classrooms and the Computer Technology Center.

Laptop & Projector Loan

Loaner laptops and projectors for on-campus same day use.


Mobile Device Support

Standard support of District-owned mobile devices for faculty and staff use.

MyCabrillo Portal

Ellucian Portal enables users to do whatever their role requires by drawing on information housed in a common database, whether that’s posting course assignments and test results or checking account balances and grade status.


Name Change, Legal

Support requests for legal name changes to existing Cabrillo accounts.

Network Account Extension

Used for requesting extensions to existing Cabrillo Network Accounts - Temporary Workers, Student Assistants, etc.

Network Account Request

Used for requesting new Cabrillo Network Accounts.

Network Account Support

Support requests for existing Cabrillo accounts.


Other Account Types

Support requests for accounts not explicitly covered in other specific Services categories.
* This form is NOT for requesting Cabrillo Staff Network Accounts, or Network Account Extensions. *

Other Google Apps

Support requests for G Suite / Google Apps not explicitly covered in other specific Services categories.

Other Software & Business Applications Requests

Support requests for Software & Business Applications not explicitly covered in other specific Services categories.



PolyLC is Cabrillo's time tracking application for recording student lab usage.



SARS is Cabrillo's easy-to-use appointment scheduling and drop-in system.

Secure Wireless Network Access (Secure Hawknet)

Support requests for Secure Wireless Network Access (Secure Hawknet) services.

SQL Reports & Data Warehouse Services

SQL Reports is Cabrillo's reporting services software platform that provides information from the various Microsoft SQL databases of the software used across campus.


TeamDynamix (IT Trouble Ticketing)

TeamDynamix is a Help Desk / Service & Project Portfolio Management solution, which is utilized by Cabrillo Information Technology (IT).

Telephone Service

Support requests for the Telephone Services.



Support requests for the Voicemail Services.


Web Server Administration

The Cabrillo Web Server is a solution that Cabrillo utilizes to provide web-based information and resources to constituents.

Webadvisor & Self Service

WebAdvisor and Self Service are web-based tools to help staff, faculty, and students gain access to information and perform daily tasks.

Wireless Network Access (Hawknet)

Support requests for Wireles Network Access (Hawknet) services.