File Server Quota Limits


  • The Cabrillo College File Server is purposed for storing Cabrillo College business-related documents - not personal, or other non-business-related, items.
  • Any files that a person saves to the college file server are then owned by that person.
  • Each person has an individual quota limit for the files that they own on the college file server. Quota limits are not related to any specific folder on the file server.
  • Your quota limit applies to all your network drives cumulatively; the combined size of all the files you own in all of your network drives cannot exceed your quota limit.
  • When possible, please review the files that you own in your network drives and remove any un-needed files.

Quota Limit Request Note: Cabrillo IT will evaluate, and review, your current File Server quota limits and usage, prior to adjusting any quota limits.

File Sharing Note: While the Cabrillo College File Server has file-sharing functionality, we encourage Cabrillo Faculty and Staff to use Google Workspace (Google Drive/Docs) for any collaborative file sharing between Cabrillo employees. There are various benefits to doing so, including:

  • Viewing and editing files from off-campus
  • Allow multiple editors to collaborate on a document simultaneously
  • Manage permissions and sharing without needing to request changes from IT
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