Knowledge Base

Categories (12)

Desktop & Mobile Device Services

Desktop support for faculty and staff office computers and District-owned mobile devices.

Classrooms, Labs & Printing

Support and services for teaching and learning with technology. Also covers staff printing and copying.

Media & Events

AV event support and projector/laptop loans

Software & Business Applications

Application administration, Colleague, Data Warehouse Reporting, Astra

Accounts and Passwords

Manage accounts and access to Cabrillo College systems and services, including computer, wifi, and Colleague accounts

Email & Collaboration

Email, calendar and other Google apps

Internet and Networking

Wired networking, WiFi, and Remote Access

Servers, Storage & Infrastructure

Academic license servers, backups, and other infrastructre


Phone, Fax and Voicemail

Web Services

Web Server Administration

IT Project Management, Planning & Consulting

Looking to add functionality? Need a network outlet installed or a television mounted? Thinking of a technology upgrade for a classroom or lab?

Security & Policy

Information on information security and IT compliance