Telephone Service


  • Cabrillo IT provide VoIP telephone service to classrooms as well as staff/faculty offices.
  • Cabrillo IT does not provide phones.  Phones must be purchased by the requesting department.
  • Classroom phones dial to other Cabrillo extensions and 911, but no outside calls.
  • Office phones can dial local numbers, Cabrillo extensions, and 911.  Long distance must be requested and paid for by requesting department.

Who can use it:

  • Staff
  • Faculty

How do I get it:

  • Submit an IT Service Request for Telephone Service Technical Support.

How much does it cost

  • Typically there is no charge for this service, unless a new phone needs to be purchase.  This cost is borne by the department making the request.

FAQ's and Documentation:

Call the IT Help Desk at (831) 479-6392