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Use the Reports menu to select one of 21 report templates. Reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including PDF, XLS (Excel), and CSV.

Accessing Reports

Step 1: Launch the TRAK Admin Application

Launch the SARS Trak Admin Application. For assistance in launching, see: SARS Trak Admin - Launching the program

Step 2: Select the Reports Menu

Selecting the reports menu

At the SARS Trak Admin main menu, click the Reports icon and select one of the reports to launch.

Report window

The report options window will open. Depending on the report selected, different options may be available.

Running a Report

Step 1: Select a report

Selecting a report from the report menu drop-down

In this example, we'll run a Student Lab Hours Report

Step 2: Enter the Report Criteria

Entering report criteria

In this example, we'll run a Student Lab Hours report for the STEM Study Center with regards to the CIS Networking Lab. Depending on user access, different applications will be available for reporting. Enter a date range to constrain the report and, if desired, a single course to report on. Click the 'Preview Report' button to review report results prior to saving.

Step 3: Generate the Report

Exporting a report with the preview option selected

Click the 'Export' button to save the file. If the 'Preview Report' box is checked, the report will appear prior to saving.

The report preview window

If the 'Preview Report' window is selected, a window will pop-up containing the results of the report. Close the preview window to open the file save window

Step 4: Save the Report

Save dialog box displaying file types

Select the desired file type, enter a file name, and click save.

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