SARS Trak Admin - Launching the program


Step 1: Locate the SARS Trak Admin Application

Using the Windows Start menu to search for and launch SARS Trak Admin

The Trak Admin shortcut will be present on your desktop. If not, click the windows 'Start' menu and navigate to the 'SARS Software Products, Inc' folder. Expand the folder and click on Trak Admin to launch. 

(Optional)Accept Security Warning

Windows security warning

If Windows produces a security warning, click 'Run' to launch the program. 

Step 2: Enter Your Credentials

SARS Login Prompt

Enter your SARS Trak Admin credentials and click Continue.

Step 3: Verify Sign-in 

SARS Trak Admin user menu

If your sign in is successful, the SARS Trak Admin menu will appear 

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