Cabrillo email setup on mobile devices (with Gmail)

How to set up Cabrillo email on iPhone

*process should be the same for Android devices

Accessing a Cabrillo email account on a mobile device will require either the "Gmail" app downloaded from the App Store, or signing in through a mobile browser. 

Cabrillo College advises staff users to use the Gmail app for ease of use.

Download gmail from the App Store:

Open the application once it finishes downloading and tap on "Sign in". 


A prompt will pop-up showing all current accounts on the device (if any).

Tap on “Add account”:

A message should pop up requesting you to sign in:

A new web page will open up requesting a log in. Enter your Cabrillo email address here. 

The web page will then redirect to Cabrillo's log-in page. 

Enter your Cabrillo staff username and password (Cabrillo network account):

The webpage should now close and go back to the "Gmail" app login screen and a green check should appear next to the newly listed Cabrillo account. 

Tap “Done” on the top left corner of the screen.

"Gmail" will ask if you want to receive notifications. It is recommended to "Allow" Gmail to send notifications"

You should now be successfully logged into your Cabrillo email:

Viewing Cabrillo email using mobile web browser:

Web browser setup

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